Your Moment of Truth with the customer

As business persons, there is this moment in our business transactions with our customers that we cannot afford to be careless with. While it is very true that every moment of our relationship with the customer counts, yet the “Moment of Truth” cannot be handled in a wishy-washy manner.

The Moment of Truth (MoT) is that point in your business transaction when your customers actually come in contact with your service delivery strengths or weaknesses usually for the first time and as the case may be.


You must realise that while your media noise or lightly put, your advertisements may draw or lure them to your doorsteps; the manner of your service delivery will go a long way in determining whether you will keep or drive them back and in most situation, they never return.

As the customer comes in contact with you, whatever you say or do at that moment helps his or her decision about you and your business. Once this moment of creating a good first impression is badly handled, you stand the chance of losing the customer. He may even go as far as stopping others from doing business with you by the negative testimony he shares around about you.

I still don’t understand why bad news has the energy to travel far and wide within seconds. Don’t let your bad service delivery be the news of the day.

You are faced with your MoT the very minute the customer stands face-to-face with either your service personnel or your service facilities, which could be your business equipment or environment. It is the moment the customer or prospect is expecting you to prove your worth. It is the moment to deliver on the promises you made in your adverts.

You know it can be so easy to put up lovely and attractive adverts, but if your investments on adverts (any form of adverts) would not go down the drains; you must get it right at every moment of truth you encounter. I wish to repeat that lovely adverts may lure prospects to you, but you get to keep or lose them by the way you handle your MoT with them.

At this point, you must ensure that everything is done to prevent the newly-to-be-established relationship from going sour even before it starts. At this moment, everything you say or do not say counts. How you say whatever must be said matters. Nothing can be taken for granted, because no matter what people say, first impression still has a way of lingering on the mind. First impressions can also be very difficult to erase, so you better make them good. Bad ones are tough to redeem! God help you.

All the staff that the customer-to-be must encounter during the process of being served must be willing to see themselves as servants waiting on the king. The gateman, the receptionist and other staff must see themselves as service personnel. At this moment, it is not only the marketing staff that are important, but everybody in that business must be up and doing; even if as University graduates, they would have to serve an illiterate customer. Hmm!

Dear Christian business owner, the customer is obviously not the King of kings, Jesus is. However, you cannot change the business fact that the little boy standing before you waiting to spend his money; is a king with his own rights. His decision can either make or mar you with time. It is, therefore, advisable that you swallow up every personal and hidden pride.

Everything and everybody about the service provider (the business) must speak of service. This is highly important, because today’s customers are daily becoming more informed and socially enlightened; thereby making their expectations higher. These high expectations should, actually, make you put on your proactive shoes, because once you are caught acting a laggard, they easily drop you off their consideration list. (They no longer consider you a serious business person.)

In addition, you must not forget that messages in your advertisements could also create these high expectations. You must, therefore, ensure at this moment that those expectations are met and better, surpassed.

You should, therefore, pay adequate attention to your adverts. Never promise what you cannot offer. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver. Don’t give them the impression that you love boasting; it will only make them see you as a liar.

Please note that many business transactions and relations have been scuttled at their moments of truth, but I pray that God will help you to do things right as you welcome your customers into the realities of your business service delivery.

=Burning Bush Boy

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