The Monkey Business: Nothing out there is different in here


If you are seeking to save the unbelievers or the unsaved, as we call them, the tendency to look everywhere but the Church is high. Ironically, a large number of them are now in Churches, because we are no longer in the days when Satan dreaded coming near the Church – the body of Christ.

Overcoming his fear and somehow gaining entrance into this same body of Christ that once troubled him; we now see the devil opening doors and allowing people to flood the Church. Hmm! I am suspicious of this move. Can anything good come from the devil to the Church? Is he now a supporter of Jesus Christ?

With the different attractions he has helped to provide, majority of us now love the Church. The body of Christ, which once used to be repulsive, has suddenly become so attractive. I feel like shouting hallelujah, but I am afraid and how unfortunate this may be that many of those trooping into the Church, I hate to admit it, are walking straight into his waiting arms.

You ask me how? Is the devil no longer the pillar behind some servants of God? Is he no longer receiving people in the name of the LORD? Has he stopped deceiving them that they have come to Jesus, the Fountain of life?

The body of Christ is daily becoming interesting and attractive to people, because she, the Church, has perfected the art and science of turning herself into an extension or annex of the world. Nothing out there is different in here! What you have out there used to be different from what you have in here, but have we not resolved our differences with the world? “Friends, come right in for you have nothing to lose by being a member of the Church,” we tell (lie to) the people. Hmm!

All that makes the world the world – its systems expressed in music, dressing or fashion, associations, etc. now have their improved versions in the body of Christ. Findings have shown that people now crowd the Church because they really do not see any difference between the Church of Christ and the World of the devil. The place we invited them is looking exactly like where they came.

While Church leaders rejoice in the seemingly increase in the number of their members, God is in tears, permit me to say, for all He sees are men going about with a strange kind of salvation. Hold on! I know salvation is not meant to be in kinds; you are either saved or not, but ours is a strange generation with strange happenings.

I recall attending a Praise Night Programme of a particular Church in Ibadan and without exaggerating, the very moment I stepped into the Church auditorium, my mind flashed back to the days of Havana Night. (Havana night is a social night organised by the Sigma Club, University of Ibadan).

There was something about this supposed divine night that sparked off memories of this social night. Was it the music? Was it the rowdy people (members) or their dance steps? Whatever it was, something about that church event was similar and re-connected me to the past I thought I had deleted. Hmm! I didn’t know that Church meetings had such power to bring back things from my Recycle Bin. The next time I’ll be attending a Church, I better be going with a formatted disk (mind).

Nevertheless, I am of the opinion, and who says I can’t be wrong that the Church must see herself as a fisherman with anointed hooks and nets to fish without having to compromise and becoming a fish herself. The belief of playing a monkey to catch a monkey should not hold sway in our midst as a Church. Hmm! Let’s dig further.

When do you really intend to be done with the work of transforming these monkeys into godly men? After all, it has been a while since you made yourself a monkey and involved the Church of God in the business of luring and catching monkeys (unbelievers). Tell me, how many monkeys do we now have playing around the body of Christ, as though it’s a Zoo?

Haven’t they remained monkeys from the very day you tricked and supposedly caught them as monkeys? They are still monkeys because it is obvious you have forgotten how to live again as a godly man before them. True monkeys are now bereft of the opportunity of interacting with men capable of standing upright. No one is man enough to offer his lifestyle as a pattern for monkeys to imbibe; hence, we all have become monkeys.

I do not intend to be derogatory by calling anyone a monkey, but let’s just say that I am only using this common monkey saying to illustrate my points; should you think I have any. All the same, I doubt if you have not considered it easier and therefore, accepted to live the life of a monkey than engaging the grace of God in you to live godly in a godless and challenging world. In the world we live in, it takes a man to remain being a man and of course, it is a lot easier to take up the life of a monkey; jumping around from one tree to another.

I am, however, afraid of seeing you live perpetually as a monkey since there is always one monkey or the other to catch, As long as there is always one around the corner, when will you ever live again as a man created by God to tame wild animals, including monkeys?

With your ulterior motive to win souls and enlarge your ministry, the monkey game may not just leave your altar. If this continues, you and those in your Zoo may eventually end up where God reserved for monkeys to live eternally – a place different from where He intends reigning with men who chose to stay in God’s own image and likeness.

The question is, “Why should a fearfully and wonderfully created man choose to be a monkey?” God has placed every creature, including monkeys under your feet and you should, therefore, not degrade your life. You should rather work towards making them upgrade theirs.

It is a lie from the pit of hell that we must make the Church attractive to sinners by all means. It is a dangerous deceit to say that the Church must become worldly to save the world. “The servant grew up before God–a scrawny seedling, a scrubby plant in a parched field. There was nothing attractive about him, nothing to cause us to take a second look. He was looked down on and passed over, a man who suffered, who knew pain firsthand. One look at him and people turned away. We looked down on him, thought he was scum.” Isa. 53:2-3. The Message Bible.

Although Jesus dinned and wined with sinners, yet they knew he was not a monkey. Without having to play the monkey game, sinners knew He possessed a kind of life different from theirs. They simply could not comprehend the light in Him. (John 1:5)

How come He did not apply any mascara or facial make-up to forcefully make Himself attractive to the world He came to save? How come He did not water down His teachings in a bid to gain acceptance with the majority? Can we ever understand why He allowed (permitted) those who left Him because they could not abide by His HARD TEACHING?

Since He came to call sinners, I thought He should have enticed them back to His side, instead, He said to others still standing by: “Do you also want to go?” John 6:67. Haba! Was He not bothered that His followers were dwindling?

True monkeys will continue to call us fools as they watch us crouching. They will not stop to wonder why it is easy for us as men created in God’s image to lay aside our endowed glory for a life of a monkey. I am moved to tears knowing that the life we are doing away with is the same life they are longing to have. Some of these monkeys really wish they could live uprightly as you are, but before you got them transformed, you also picked up the very life they cry silently to dump. What a tragedy!

That young boy would have since been converted if only you lived an exemplary life of a man for him to study and accept. You would have made him a pride amongst his old monkey friends and he would have, by now, been making men out of other monkeys, but sadly, you chose to be a monkey yourself.

The Church as well as her monkeys is deceived. You keep thinking the young man will soon learn to live as a godly person, but knowing what you expect of him, he puts up a godly-like form of lifestyle and foolishly, you celebrate his conversion. Who will convince you that he is still a monkey and that you are the reason he remains one?

If I truly love these souls, I should choose to live and confront them with the truth and yes, I will do so lovingly. Can I love them more than God who created them? If He wants them saved and if He has given the undiluted word of life as the means of salvation, then He has so chosen. I cannot overrule Him and should I attempt to do so, I’ll be giving you an opportunity to declare this generation cursed with lifeless Christians.

This is the truth:

No man ever comes to the Lord’s side without a displacement. You have to leave where you are to get to where He is. No man ever dies and rises without a new body and please do not mind us, the Church and the world are two parallel lines that will never meet; not even in eternity. You cannot eat your cake and yet have it.

The Church is not and cannot be an extension of the world. Forgive us for hiding this truth from you since the day you thought you became born again. We hid the truth from you to encourage your heart to join and stay with us.

We are so ego-driven about this thing we call ministry and we get freak-out by numbers. We want you to come as you are, yes, but forgive us; we lack the power to transform your life. Ever since getting you to be on our side became an obsession, we chose to continue to live the monkey life you had always, (until you met us), wanted someone to help you take away.

In our helpless condition, we told you it was alright for all of us to remain being monkeys for the sake of other monkeys out there. We lied to you by saying that nothing out there is different in here. However, the truth that ought to have been said long before now is that everything out there is different in here with Christ as the head of our family. We hate to see you leave us, but we cannot continue to hide the truth from you. We are not monkeys, but men created to live as Jesus Christ and in here, in the body of Christ, we are not governed by the world system, but by His word alone.


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