Faith for sale!

There is a lucrative business now in town involving the offering of your faith for sale. The traders in this business are very smart, eloquent, motivating and psychological endowed. These businessmen, though, from a humble background, have grown drastically in their ‘faith for sale’ business to the extent that they do not walk on the ground with common men again. If they must do, there must be legions of bodyguards around them.

It is so amazing to see them going about their business manifestos with armed men around them, yet much gullible audience pay attention to them. They are very smart in milking dry their prey. They will squeeze them with their oratory power and psychological tricks until they (their prey) exchange their gold for faith. (Faith in whom, you wonder.)

The purpose of these ‘Shepherd-turned-businessmen’ should be to present the Author and Finisher of this faith to their sheep (audience), but instead, they keep presenting themselves as the Author and Finisher of their faith. They have made themselves the Alpha and Omega. How dare you talk to them standing! You must be on your knees, crawling and licking their shoes with your tongue before they can attend to you.

Foolishly, we have idolized them; sheepishly giving our hearts to them. Whatsoever they say is final; be it right or wrong, we don’t bother to check again. They have enslaved our spirits and cajoled our minds so much that we have failed to realize that they are mere human like us – men of like passion. They have told many lies and falsely established laws from the Scripture, which sadly, they have now taken as their business marketing book.

Examples of such lies and laws are: “Though shall not appear before the Lord empty handed.” Even if you don’t have, go and borrow. “He who believes in a prophet shall reap the reward of a prophet”. In other words, whatsoever these businessmen demand for, you must obey for you to reap the reward (if any) that will come after. “Those that sow with tears shall reap with joy”. This means that for you to reap a bountiful harvest thereafter, you must sow a very huge amount of money which must bring about tears from you.

They have customized and packaged this faith in different forms and sizes. The faith packages include: Anointed Goya Oil, Handkerchiefs, Anointed Pure Water Sachets and Table Water, Divinely Anointed Pen, Anointed Suits and Aprons, Anointed Shoes of Divine Favour, Anointed Powder and Perfumes just to mention, but a few. These faith packages are sold at exorbitant rates – 500k, 200k, 100k and so on.

Special projects never cease in this ‘faith for sale business’. Today, we are building a classic University in the name of moving forward the Mission (expanding the ‘faith for sale business’) and vision (making more money). Though the schools are built from the sweat of common men, yet, the children of these common men can’t afford the fees of these so-called Mission Schools.

We sell our clothes and belongings for these ‘faith for sale’ businessmen to appear glamorous. We sell off our shoes for them to ride on jets. We go hungry for them to feed sumptuously. They ask us to pay tithes without them paying theirs. They ask us to fast while they eat in their own closets.

How long shall we remain gullible and ignoramus? How long are we going to exchange our sweat for these faith packages? How long are we going to keep selling our faith to these monsters that have no human feelings? When are we going to wake up from our sleep? Phew! How long are we going to be deceived and cajoled?

The good news, however, is that the True Shepherd will soon appear and all these business hirelings will be disgraced. He will surely purge His Church. He will turn the tables of the moneychangers and chase them away with His whip. He will heal the broken hearted and revival shall return to our land.

Nevertheless, before the True Shepherd appears, kindly guide your faith with all diligence. Holdfast to that which has been handed over to you and don’t trade your faith for any junk. My faith is not for sale. What about you?


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