Hunger: A need that must be tamed

When a man is hungry, seriously hungry, nothing else apart from eating matters. When a man is hungry, the saying says, he is an angry man. However, when a man is completely down with hunger, he loses the energy to stay angry and starts acting dull. Not too long, he begins to act stupidly and desperately to survive.

According to the Advanced English Dictionary, hunger is defined as a physiological need for food; the consequence of food deprivation. It also defines it as a strong desire for something other than food.

In this sense, hunger, especially when it relates to food, could be seen as a legitimate sensation. Would it, therefore, be right to condemn a hungry person when you know he has not eaten for a considerable period of time? No! Nobody is exempted from hunger, so let us not feel bad when we’re hungry.


We should also not condemn ourselves for having a strong craving (desire) for something other than food. For example, having a strong craving for professional or academic excellence may not be considered evil, provided the craving is well managed.


What about cravings for something negative? It is not uncommon to notice an occasional desire for something negative, but as long as such inordinate hunger is appropriately checked or dealt with, we need not hang ourselves.


It is, therefore, not the hunger that really matters, but the way and manner we intend to satisfy it. When you become hungry, either for food or for something else, my advice is that you keep your cool instead of behaving irrationally. The feelings of hunger, like I said, may not be the big deal, but its management is surely important.


To shed further light on this issue, please read carefully the personal account of a beloved brother.


I was born a twin, but since I was the first to step into the world from my mother’s womb, I was considered to be the first son and the first child in my family.

 My twin brother’s name is Jacob and just as I must have guessed, his name rings bell in your ears as in the ears of many others. Isn’t it? A lot of people know so much about him (Jacob) than they do of me. I really do not blame anyone for this – I made it happen that way for Jacob. I gave him my throne and allowed him to sit as the heir of my family. I chose to slide into oblivion, although I didn’t quite realise the gravity of my actions on time.

 While Jacob was mummy’s boy, I was my father’s favourite. Isaac, my father, loved me so much that he was prepared to hand over his entire estate to me. Of course, legally, all belonged to me. Never mind; I stupidly truncated his lofty plans as I handed over the opportunity to be the first to Jacob on a platter of a plate of red stew.

 As a hunter, I was more on the field while Jacob would always stay at home. It’s so easy to trace where and how he learnt to cook so well. My mother, Rebecca, had no rival when it comes to cooking and with Jacob spending his day in the kitchen with mum, you wouldn’t expect anything less of him. Surely, he turned out an expert in preparing and dishing red stew!

There was, however, this fateful day I returned home tired and hungry from a failed hunting expedition and unfortunately, it was Jacob who met me at the entrance. I was extremely weak and at such a period, how refreshing would it have been to rest on a brother’s shoulder. My own brother had no such comfort in mind to offer me. He had actually waited for me to be weak enough that he may launch his attack. I pray you will not walk into the waiting hands of such a brother as mine.

 How on earth was I to know that meeting my own blood brother with a plate of red stew would be tragic? I was tired and hungry and since he had food with him, I didn’t know I had to think twice before asking him for some of the food. Why should I have to be on my guard when I’m with my brother!

 So, without thinking I could be asking for too much from my brother, I asked: “Please feed me with that same red stew, for I am weary.”

 Was asking for that same red stew my undoing? Should I have asked and waited for another one to be cooked? Should I not have ignored his plate and go ahead to cook mine, even if it won’t be as tasty as his? These are mere after-thoughts.

 As I waited to hear him say: “You are welcome. Please join me as we eat together,” he went ahead to ask for what had always been in his heart. “Sell me your birthright as of this day,” Jacob replied me.


If only I was in my right senses and have not allowed the demands of my stomach to hinder me from thinking straight, the conversation between us should have ended at that point. I was, however, too hungry to think deep on Jacob’s request to have me sell my BIRTHRIGHT to him.


Brethren, never you allow hunger to shut down your thinking faculty. You can be hungry and still be sensible to the inner witness of the Holy Spirit in you. Instead of walking away, I was foolish enough to stay back and think I could dine with the devil in my brother’s cloak without having to pay dearly for the meal. Tell me, who has ever heard the devil serving a free meal? I replied Jacob: “Look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?”

I have never stopped to give myself a knock on the head each time I play back the happenings of that day. Who told me that missing a day’s meal has ever killed a person or will kill me? Honestly, I shouldn’t have believed the spirit that told me I was about to die and talking of a lying spirit; one indeed spoke out of me that day.

 It is a blatant lie from the devil that you will die if you don’t take that wrong means of satisfying your hunger. The enemy will tell you that you are about to lose your life, integrity, home and all that is precious to you if you insist on keeping your sanity and faithfulness. He will tell you that you haven’t got much time and so you must have to sell your birthright to stay alive. He will never tell you that the threatening hunger will not and cannot kill you. He will create a fake sense of urgency to lead you into taking a desperate and negative step. I ask, is it not the mis-management of hunger that kills? Lord, if only someone had told me what I am now telling your children!

 As soon as Jacob spotted that I was desperate and ready to offer the most precious gift in my life for food, he went further. “Swear to me as of this day,” he demanded and foolishly, I did. I sealed the sale of my birthright to Jacob with an irredeemable oath. Jacob walks tall today, because while I gave him something eternal, he offered me back with something temporary. Not a fair deal you will agree with me, but that’s too late now.

You should ask me what happened after he handed over that same red stew to me. I ate and I felt satisfied. My stomach was filled, but my life became empty afterwards. That food drained life and authority out of me. After paying so much a price that cannot be quantified in any nation’s currency for a plate of red stew, I thought I should never be hungry again, but the next day, hunger knocked on the walls of my stomach.

 Let me personify hunger for a moment and tell you about one of my discussions with him – Mr Hunger. I once told him I had already paid with my birthright, so I shouldn’t expect his visitation again, but he laughed and said:

 “Esau, you behaved foolishly in exchanging your birthright for a plate of red stew. Your birthright, the rare rights you have by being the first child was actually your insurance against me. Your birthright comes with the authority to command Jacob (your brother/enemy) to get you your own meal for the day. With it, you can order your father’s servants (angels of God) to fix you your meal at any time you want it. They would have served you with whatever you requested for. With your birthright intact, you could have remained an heir to the throne.

 You were born with authority to rule and you had everything at your beck and call, but you were blinded by the aroma of the stew and the lie that the food would keep death away from you. You thought you would die when actually, you had life in you. You believed you were too tired to forge ahead, yet you could have simply called on the Holy Spirit to renew HHoly hhyour strength. Esau, with your birthright as the son, next to the father, you had power over all, but sadly, you despised it”.

 These statements from hunger have since hunted me, but my dear reader, my own life is now history, while yours is still very much in your hands. Hunger is real. Hunger demands and pushes. Hunger will drive you to take quick, but mostly, irrational decisions. Hunger will keep you from thinking and worse still, it will stop you from hearing the words of wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

 Hunger comes with lies, blindness and deception and in a desperate attempt to satisfy this natural, but dangerous need, wolves sneak up on you dressed up in brothers’ cloaks. What you are about to satisfy your hunger with may actually be a trap to have you exchange your birthright as a child of God. Watch it!

 Do always remember that as a child in God’s family through your faith in Jesus Christ; you have a birthright with loads of power to overcome the deceits of the enemy. Go back to God and let the Holy Spirit define your hunger and give you the details behind it. It is indeed well with you. Amen!

 Lest I forget, my name is Esau Isaac and my story is well documented in Gen. 25:21-34 & Heb. 12:16-17. Thank you.

=Burning Bush Boy

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