My duty is to follow orders

Even though I know this cannot work, yet I sometimes wish it is possible to serve God on my own terms. Tell me, if this be so, who shall be serving who? Looks more like God serving me!

I am the one created for service, hence I am the servant. God chooses the service; He decides what to be done in the manner it should be done. He goes further to decide when and where it should be done. I am trying to say that God is behind it all when it comes to service. My singular duty, therefore, is to follow His leading and instruction. I simply follow orders!

I have, for this long period, suffered a stunted growth because I do the leading and simply call on Him for backup. I choose What to do and the Where, How and When of the work. He is pushed aside only for me to call on Him whenever I hit a storm. Should this be?

I base what is to be done on the measurement of my ability. If it is what I think I can handle, fine! I go ahead to accept the work. On the other hand, if the demands of the work are reckoned beyond my strength, I coil in. How dare I accept a task from God based on what lies within me as human strength, ideas and knowledge.

I thought He should be the strength in me for His assignments. He is the wisdom and all that I need for the work and not my limited ability. What is to be done will not always fall within my scope of comfort and ease. In most cases, His assignments are stretchy. I must be stretched out of what I am used to; out of what gives me comfort.

He does this to grow and widen my knowledge of Him and to make me ever dependent on Him. I guess He dislikes not being seen in the picture of the work. At every stroke of the painting brush, God must be seen. He is the great God within, without, behind, beside and before a small man called to service.

Now I really wish to serve Him beyond the set lines or boundaries of my official title; beyond what I have measured my capacity to be. Nothing should restrict or limit my service. Once He calls, I move without anything weighing me down and eventually weighing me out of divine relevance.

Where He leads me I will go and what He wants will remain my focus. I do not intend to consider myself before the task. I mean, why should I first want to know how the gains or pains of the work will affect me before accepting to pick up His job offer? Secularly, this makes sense, but nothing of God makes human sense.

Even if He leads me to an island of pains, I should know that these mere earthly pains are ingredients for eternal gains. There is no divine pain without a far weighty gain or glory. As they say, No pain; No Gain. No Thorn; No Crown.

Is the place I am, therefore, called to serve looks so small and little known? This may be, but the song writer says, “Little is much when God is in it. Labour not for wealth or fame. There’s a crown and you can win it, if you go in Jesus’ name.” soldiers

So what if He sends me to a big field? Even this big field requires God to be in it if success will not remain an idea from dreamland. Big and intimidating fields are His ways of saying, “I can use the weak to confound the strong; the poor to confuse the rich and the stupid to shame the wise.

Only the weak and humble shall overcome by His strength. “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts.

Burning Bush Boy

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