Swimming against the tide of life

Lord, grant me the grace to swim against the tide of life. I have looked around me for a dry ground, but I found none. All I see is a body of troubled waters being tossed here and there by strong wind.

I would have dared to swim in still waters, but in these troubled waters, I dare not risk my precious life. I can’t guarantee my safety in these troubled waters with broken blocks, dangerous particles and terrible animals lying therein. Yet, it is a must for me to cross to the other side for there lies my promised land; my purpose and fulfillment.

How long am I going to tarry and study these troubled waters when God’s will and purpose lie on the other side? I have studied several books on swimming. I have made several researches about swimming in troubled waters. I have even taught several people about swimming against the tides, but none of these will yield any fruit when I’m still afraid of plunging into these troubled waters.

Lord, all I pray for is the grace to swim over these tides of life. I want to go beyond teaching theories. Grant me the boldness to dive into these troubled waters. This generation awaits your manifestation in me and I have kept them waiting long enough; standing here and studying the tides. I have denied some of them the access to their purpose and fulfillment. Some of them have lost hope because of my indecisiveness.

I have no excuse remaining on this side, because it is very much possible for me to cross this tide by your grace. All I need to do is to let go of my life; my fears and to trust in you who walked on the sea and laughed at the storm. It is possible for me to stand for righteousness in this world that is tossed here and there by the tide of unrighteousness. It is possible for me to remain faithful in the storms of lies that force everyone towards one direction. It is possible for me to stand for Christ even in a world where it is so hard for people to remember their Creator.

I submit myself unto you Lord. I submit my will and my all. Let it no longer be that it’s me at work, but your power working in and through me. Help me to swim against tides that force one’s life towards destruction that I may save myself and my generation.

Lord, I thank you for granting my request.


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