Have you ever heard or read adverts on the electronic/print media, especially about promos and Bonanzas? One thing that is common with these adverts is the statement – “Terms and Conditions Apply”.

Our God is a God of principle and order. From what He said to the Israelites in Deuteronomy 30: 1-9, we can deduce that the same thing is applicable to us in our time. He said that a lot li in store for us if we… (1)…act according to divine instructions, (2)... obey all His commands with all our hearts and souls, (3)…keep the decrees of the Bible and obey His voice and (4)…turn to the Lord genuinely.

All these terms and conditions apply to the promos God has in stock for us. He is ready to bless us beyond our thoughts, but we must be ready and willing to abide with His terms and conditions. Once we do, He is bound to deliver.

The best part of God’s promo is that He didn’t say that the offer would be valid only while stock lasts or that the promo will run within a limited time frame; say from October 12 to October 30, 2014. His mercy endures forever; therefore, all we need to participate in the promo is to simply follow the terms and conditions that apply therein. Fulfill the conditions attached to His blessings and watch your life being transformed. Do you wish to go over the terms and conditions in the above-mentioned scripture again?

Take a look at the prizes offered that warranted such terms and conditions:

  • Restoration of fortune, mercy, return from exile, possession of ancestral land and the infliction of curses on our persecutors. Others include all-round fruitfulness, prosperity and increase, all-round success and the delight of the Lord.

Do you desire any of these prizes, yet contemplating on how to comply with the terms and conditions? Well, God will not leave you all to yourself. He will not leave you to do it alone. All He requires from you is your willingness and from there on, He knows what to do. He knows how to change your heart once you submit to Him in obedience.

With a changed heart, everything else becomes accomplishable. Take a look again at all these prizes being brandished before us. Are they not the same things we request for in our vigils and sometimes add fasting in order to speed up the process of manifestation? But God says all the prizes can be ours ONLY if we follow His terms and conditions.

According to John 3:16; 10:10, the biggest offer is for us to believe in Jesus so that eternal and abundant life will be ours. Which path will you take? Will you choose to continually struggle or simply trust and obey Him? You can now approach the Lord to tune your heart towards the grace that helps a man live to fulfill His terms and conditions.

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