This may be the last generation of Christians in Nigeria – SAP

The sickness and deterioration of our country is a reflection of the Church of Nigeria. Church of this nation, when will you wake up from your slumber! Nigeria is one of the highly religious countries in the world, yet our sickness is not healed. In spite of our religious practices, how come we are fifth on the list of the most corrupt countries of the world?

This has set my heart pounding all along. Of what use is the jamboree going on in our churches today? Having lost our priority, dignity and pride, all we now do is to chase after shadows. It is high time we burnt this garment of religion and put on the genuine nature of Christ.

If 120 Christians transformed the entire city of Jerusalem and with the revival of the Upper room liberating several nations, what are the about 12million Christians in Nigeria doing to flush out corruption, immorality, injustice and wickedness from our nation? Where is this form of Christianity coming from? This couldn’t be the church Christ labored and died for!

At this point, certain things must be made clear and the first thing is that we must realize that the fact that a person sings, preaches, pays tithes and offerings, sows seeds, attends programs and sleeps in the sanctuary will never make him or her a Christian of such that can revive the land.

I am sorry for having to break your heart at this point, but I know your pastor has hidden this truth from you because he wouldn’t want to lose your offering and seeds. He is, obviously, not bothered if your soul gets rotten and ends up in hell. He is very much aware that you still falsify figures at work, but has he ever rebuked you? Instead of rebuking you, has he not continued to encourage you and to tie you down with positions in church so that you can continue to fund his so-called ministry?

The blank truth is that you are working for your pastor and his church and definitely not for God. Don’t you think it would be impossible for God to recognise and accept such a labour? I know you have travelled far in this error, but it is not too late to realize that God saved you to make you be like Him in character, holiness and in producing abiding fruits.

To the Church of Nigeria I write: “I know thy works that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.”

Church, wake up to reality! A number of things have attempted to shake you from your comfort zones, but you refused to shift grounds. Shepherds of the Church of Nigeria, leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other servants of God, I challenge you in the name of the Lord to strengthen what is left and about to die.

“Seeketh thou a great thing for yourselves?” (Jer. 45:5) Don’t seek for great things for all that is great shall be demolished and destroyed. Stop seeking for power and fame. That’s not what you are called to do. Can’t you see that the lives (Boko Haram members) you ignored and left unattended to have become giants and Goliaths who now defile the name of our Lord?

Uncircumcised Philistines, who at a time had contacted us by attending our churches and being our neighbours, now dictate the present and rob our school girls and youths of their future. To think that you can still walk about in your Babarigas and fly in your private jets make my heart bleed. This is shameful!

It is glaring that because of the pressure to fill up the stomach, Shepherds of the church now find the work of discipleship and true teaching difficult to do. You prefer raising billionaires than raising disciples capable of defending and enlarging the kingdom. Little wonder there is no improvement in the deterioration of our land. In the time of trouble, billionaires, so raised, will only fly off to other countries, while the land is left void of disciples to stand for Christ.

We have heard of Turkey, a nation that was once like Nigeria dominated by Christians; a very religious country for about 1,300 years. Today, the population of Christians in Turkey is less than 0.24% with Islam dominating with about 96.04%. If you should know, Turkey is the old Ephesus where we have the Church of Ephesus that Apostle Paul laboured to build in Christ.

What really happened to Turkey? They forsook God, their first love and although Christ, the Head of the Church, warned them in Revelation 2:1-5, they refused and eventually, their candlestick was removed. The Church of Nigeria is treading on the same path now and unless we arise and repent, this generation may be the last generation of Christians in Nigeria. If we refuse to stand up and embrace the purpose of our salvation, then our story will likely end up as it did for Turkey.

In summary, please don’t keep saying it by word of mouth that you are a Christian. I know, but I strongly believe it is time to stand up and show it by your actions and lifestyle. Don’t advertise your denomination to me; it makes no sense to me and to the world. The only thing that makes sense and capable of transforming lives is for you to allow Christ live from within you. Live the life! Let the light shine! Enough of the jamboree! What we need is revival and Lord, may our land be revived! Amen.

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